BankMobile Teams Up with Danal to Enhance Mobile Security

BankMobile is teaming up with Danal, Inc., a global leader in mobile identity and authentication solutions for providing enhanced customer experience. The online banking platform is a digital division of Customers Bank, which has eminent business leaders like Bhanu Choudhrie amongst the board of directors. It is currently America’s largest mobile-first bank and has been able to achieve significant milestones since its inception in 2015, which includes offering fee-free checking and savings account.

BankMobile is all set to utilize Danal’s Mobile Identity solution making its mobile banking apps more secure for customer usage. The company has built a niche in offering unique features to its mobile banking app for seamless customer experience. Danal’s real-time mobile network data is a valuable resource that can help BankMobile in providing a comprehensive set of capabilities that helps in authenticating and validating a mobile device and its owner.

Bhanu Choudhrie

“There is a natural synergy between Danal’s solution and BankMobile,” said Dan Armstrong, Chief Digital Officer at BankMobile. “BankMobile’s vision of providing an experience that is user-friendly and secured is in line with Danal’s technology that works behind the scene to secure online transactions without disrupting the consumer experience.”

Danal provides impactful mobile identity and authentication services that are far more superior than traditional management solutions. These services also include real-time access to the mobile operator’s network and subscriber data.

Danal provides the most authentic and definitive solutions for mobile identification, authentication, and TCPA compliance. Additionally, Danal also offers other consent-driven consumer convenience services such as auto form-filling for account origination and simple m-Commerce guest checkout on input-constrained mobile screens.

Jim Greenwell, CEO of Danal Inc., said, “With Danal’s mobile identity solution, Banks and Enterprises can now confidently identify and verify wireless carrier accounts — including matching of name and address on file — directly with the mobile operators who service those accounts. We are excited to work with a visionary company like BankMobile that is building next generation banking solutions and enhance their mobile banking products”.