Alpha Aviation Group: leading aviation training solution program making investment in South-Asian Airline Industry

Alpha Aviation Group (AAG), a part of Bhanu Choudhrie’s C&C Alpha Group is a leading aviation trainer for the global airlines. The group is continuing investment in advanced training infrastructure through its aviation platform in the Philippines.

AAG will be soon commencing the training of their aviation cadets on the state of the art Airbus A320 fixed based simulator- acquired from simulator manufacturer Multi Pilot simulation.

Bhanu Choudhrie

It is a multi-million dollar deal and first to be operated in the SouthEast Asian region. The simulator has all the functions found in the real A320 aircraft. It is an alternate solution for existing training infrastructure. A320 is a leading choice for many regional carriers like Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, and Philippine Airlines in recent years. The fully operational simulator will be used as a training tool from November onwards.

There has been a tremendous growth in the SouthEast Asian airline industry in past few years.

According to Boeing forecast, almost 617,000 commercial pilots will be required globally by the end of 2034. The SouthEast Asian market will require 284,000 pilots alone by the end of this year.

Leading industry players are also interested in investing in the aviation industry. AAG will be investing in the regional airlines to execute their aggressive expansion plans. The latest investment by the AAG group indicates that they wish to continue giving support to their regional airline industry.

AAG has also invited local airlines to attend the official simulator launch event in the month of November. Interested parties can contact

Alpha Aviation Group’s Regional Director Cristopher Magdangal said “The acquisition of a new MPS Fixed Based Devise is a manifestation of Alpha Aviation Group’s firm commitment to deliver quality training to its customers.”


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