Knowing the success mantra of C&C Alpha group director Bhanu Choudhrie

C&C Alpha group director Bhanu Choudhrie is a well- known private equity investor who is renowned for making successful investments around the globe. Although he belongs to a business class family, his beginnings have been humble like the most of us. The young investor values money very much and has climbed up the ladder working unpaid jobs like being the car valet for his father in the past.

C&C Alpha Group helps growing companies around the globe by guiding them in making lucrative investments. Bhanu Choudhrie has been able to make some successful investments in South East Asian, Indian, and the US markets.

Bhanu Choudhrie

Bhanu has made investments in several industries to date and on being asked which one has been most lucrative for him he stated, “As a business we only stay invested in successful enterprises and we look for lucrative markets based on market trends and careful analysis. Property investments in the US, through our New York-based business, Megalith Capital Management, have been extremely lucrative.

Our niche markets in the UAE in aviation and utilities have brought hard-earned capital returns based on long-term investment, careful nurturing, business understanding and real relationships with our partners. In these tough markets we have enjoyed continued success, which is more rewarding than making a quick return.

I am particularly excited about the growth trajectory of Alpha Aviation, our pilot training business, which is working with major airlines in the Middle East and south east Asia.”

His attitude towards the future is also positive. He is specifically interested in the growth of Alpha Aviation, a pilot training institute which is currently working with major airlines in Middle East and South-East Asia. The C&C Alpha Group has been able to make successful investments in healthcare, hospitality, property, and agriculture as well.


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