BankMobile Podcast: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Success

BMPowered podcast with Financial Empowerment Coach Ash Cash is the latest way BankMobile, America’s first absolutely no-fee bank, is making yet more effort for its customers’. BankMobile already has a number of great benefits including surcharge free ATMs, free financial coaches and personal bankers.

Streaming is happening on Apple iTunes, Sound Cloud and BankMobile website. “We are thrilled in the interest and responses we have received after launching BMpowered Radio,” Luvleen Sidhu, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of BankMobile expressed delight. “We are here to empower listeners and this tool provides a fun, enlightening way to learn about finance and also hear from young successful professionals.”

Bhanu Choudhrie

On #MoneyMondays, Ash Cash simplifies the concepts such as working of secured credit cards, building or repairing credit, improving credit and life insurance. In a recent episode, common things were found between secured credit cards and presidential elections.

“Financial empowerment is at the heart of our mission and the #MoneyMondays series is meant to be a fun, quick way for listeners to learn tips on how to get on solid financial footing,” as per Luvleen Sidhu.

A successful life is defined by financial freedom and #FreeLifeFridays is the perfect motivation you can get.

“But we are not just about financial empowerment, we are a brand that hopes to empower you in every aspect of your life and our #FreeLifeFridays series serves as weekly inspiration to push our listeners to reach their potential.” Luvleen Sidhu.

Roy Firestone, a seven-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, performer, and inspirational speaker, shared his knowledge on the show. He has interviewed more than 5,000 athletes and high-performing individuals, which led him to realise what greatness actually means, why gratitude can solve problems better than regret, and why humility is the key to success. Roy also narrated an exclusive incident about Kobe Bryant.

There was another episode that featured pharmacist, certified investment educator, writer, and entrepreneur, Dr. Eric Patrick who revealed how investing can help earn more profit, why Nike’s “Just do it” has a deeper connect, how to multi-task without hassles, and how music makes sending across messages easy.

If you believe your story is worthy of being shared on the show, contact Ash Cash at and you might be selected to be interviewed on the podcast.

Customers Bank is a subsidiary of Customers Bancorp, Inc., a bank holding company in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania and has an illustrious board of directors that includes the founder of London-based C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie.


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