C&C Alpha Group Brokers the First Proton Beam Therapy Facility in the UK

In what is truly groundbreaking for the UK, the first medical facility offering proton beam therapy treatment will be up and running within two years. It will be built in Hammersmith, West London on the site of the historic grade II listed Royal Masonic hospital which was run by the NHS until it closed down nearly ten years ago.

Currently, UK does not have a proton beam treatment centre, leaving overseas establishments as a last resort for sufferers. The NHS has had to send nearly 400 patients abroad since 2008 for the treatment that is found particularly suited to children with brain tumours.


Bhanu Choudhrie

The news is particularly significant after the recent row over the arrest of the parents of a five-year-old boy moved out of a local hospital after a dispute with the NHS over the course of his cancer treatment.

Proton beam differs from conventional radiotherapy in that it limits damage to surrounding tissues. The proton beam stops after it hits the targeted cancerous cells thereby shielding the adjoining cells from undue exposure and damage.

The £150 million hospital in West London will be a 150-bed facility that goes fully functional in 2017,  a year earlier than two similar facilities offered to be built by the NHS in England by 2018—one in London, and the other in Manchester.  It will also be the first UK venture for the Abu Dhabi-based VPS Healthcare Group through a deal brokered by London-based private equity group C&C Alpha.

About C & C Alpha Group

Private investment firm C&C Alpha Group is a London based equity enterprise with entrepreneurs Mr. Bhanu Choudhrie and Dhairya Choudhrie on the board of directors. The group’s interests in hospitality, realty, aviation, and healthcare are maintained by its subsidiaries in those sectors.


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