Moti Mahal On Lusso Magazine’s List Of Top Indian Food Hotspots In London

London is a world of its own when it comes to food that’s celebratory, inviting, and represents the farthest corners of the globe. Of all the cuisines loved all over London, one truly stands out for its long association with the nation’s palette, and which comes from a nation famous for its curries, India.

And of the many Indian restaurants London has, one has left an indelible mark on the locals and visitors. It has made Queen Street in Covent Garden the go-to address for food lovers looking for a bit of India in every bite by invoking flavours from the 2,500 km long Grand Trunk Road—the roadway life- line of India connecting Kolkata with Varanasi, Delhi, and Amritsar before curling north into Pakistan.


Bhanu Choudhrie

The famous open-kitchen together with the stunning designer bar of Moti Mahal on Great Queen Street in Covent Garden has conquered countless palettes and won many hearts. To celebrate its ten years of service, the restaurant is doing something out of the ordinary and in line with its long-standing legacy. It has collaborated with Anita Choudhrie’s Stellar Art Foundation to showcase a rare collection of three pieces by internationally acclaimed Indian artists MF Husain, Paresh Maity and Jayasri Burman.

It also has a series of high-profile guest chefs running the show the entire month, who will ensure the perfect marriage of art and food. The first chef, Irfan Khan, was in house from 13-18 July and set the tone with his innovative spins on classic Indian cuisines, especially Awadhi. His food was inspired by Maity’s works which he infused in his food.

This unique fusion and association of food with art is being seen as a new culinary benchmark and is making industry leaders sit up and take notice. It’s got luxury lifestyle leader and explorer, Lusso Magazine to list Moti Mahal among its top London hotspots for an Indian feast.

Moti Mahal has also partnered the leading national children’s charity, ‘Children with Cancer, UK’, that fights and aids childhood cancer victims. The association will aid the charity’s ongoing research on increasing survival rates and improving quality of life for children and young people fighting cancer.

Moti Mahal is a part of Shanti Hospitality of the C&C Alpha Group where entrepreneurs Bhanu Choudhrie and Dhairya Choudhrie share directorships. C&C Alpha Group is an international private equity firm in London with offices in India and interests in hospitality, realty, aviation, and healthcare.


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