Decennial Celebrations at Moti Mahal London Turn Artsy

When it comes to restaurants and gourmet dining, London is a world in itself.  From classic continental to quintessential oriental, its streets are packed with flavours, but West End’s Covent Garden is all about one flavour, Indian, and about one restaurant, Moti Mahal.

Loated Great on Queen Street in Covent Garden, Moti Mahal brings to life erstwhile recipes of the Grand Trunk Road—a 2,500 km long roadway lifeline connecting Kolkata with Varanasi, Delhi and Amritsar before curling north into Pakistan.


The restaurant, into its tenth year of service, is an eclectic mix of classical age-old and contemporary Indian flavours. It houses an open-kitchen together with a stunning designer bar on the ground floor whereas a private function space and secondary bar grace the lower ground level.

Commemorating its decennial year, it lays open its doors to a fusion of art and cuisine where chefs at the top of their game will reinvent and walk the extra mile, serving food with art infused all over it. The entire month, starting off from July 10 till August 20, will have dishes inspired by three famed Indian paintings, one each by Paresh Maity, Jayasri Burman and the great MF Husain

The first guest chef, Irfan Khan, will be in the house from 13th-18th July. Known for having mastered innovative spins on classical Indian flavours, especially Awadhi Cuisine, Chef Khan’s unique menu will feature dishes from the Lucknow region of India and honour the famed MF Hussain, one of Moti Mahal’s most distinguished and loving patrons.

The month-long celebrations come in association with Anita Choudhrie, founder Stellar International Art Foundation, whose collectibles will be on display throughout the month. Moti Mahal has also partnered ‘Children with Cancer, UK’, the leading national children’s charity dedicated towards fighting childhood cancer. The association will help the charity with their ongoing cancer research on increasing survival rates and improving quality of life for all children and young people fighting cancer.

About Nira Hotels and Resorts

Luxury hotel group Nira Hotels and Resorts is a part of Shanti Hospitality and the umbrella company, C&C Alpha Group, an international private equity firm in London with offices in India with Bhanu Choudhrie and Dhairya Choudhrie as directors. Borne out of the belief to deliver a more authentic, personalised hospitality experience, Nira Hotels and Resorts have several award-winning offerings in its ranks, including Shanti Maurice and Nira Montana.


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