Shanti Maurice: A Glowing Sanctum of Elegance

Nestled between the sugarcane fields and turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Shanti Maurice- a boutique lifestyle resort, part of Shanti Hospitality Portfolio (C&C Alpha Group Ltd), satiates all your senses to perfection. Surrounded by exotic gardens, pristine white sands, a sublime spa, spacious accommodation and restaurants brimming with eclecticism, it is the ultimate place to revel in well-being and leisure.

With 36-acres of fragrant tropical gardens, Shanti Maurice effortlessly pleases explorers and guests alike. Possibilities of fun run infinite, from a wealth of energetic activities such as trekking, swimming with dolphins, skydiving, Pilates and parasailing, to dining like a king. Dining in particular is an extremely expansive affair with a memorable blend of inherent and artisanal experiences leaving you spoilt for choice.


Shanti Maurice is the perfect opportunity for gastronomes to sample Mauritian and South African cuisine at its beautiful restaurants done in various settings, from barbeques on the beach, to formal fine dining overlooking the Indian Ocean under a starlit sky. With the likes of La Mama Kaze, the Rum Shed, The Fish Shack, Pebbles, Stars, and Grandma’s kitchen, every short stroll holds a new dining experience in itself.

The cooking techniques make use of low-fat ingredients that include water, milk, natural sweeteners, juices, oils, cereals, grains and lentils. During the stay, guests can freely pick up the secrets to healthy cooking from in-house chefs, and ensure a healthy lifestyle, even after they leave.

The living spaces are proportioned off perfectly and offer beautiful oceanic views. Shanti Villa, the archetypal property at Shanti Maurice, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and separate dressing rooms and a spacious living room, sets the tone for a perfect family or couple getaway.

Shanti Maurice’s in-house wellness coliseum, Nira Spa, comprises 75,000 square feet of unsurpassed, restorative, soothing, invigorating and rejuvenating perfection. At this largest spa on the island, guests are treated to restorative treatments that balance out mental and physical attributes and enhance spirituality. The four deluxe spa stations, The Holistic Bio Experience, The Indian Experience, The Oriental Experience and The Fitness and Wellness Experience, all follow different fitness and well-being philosophies focussed on separate components that contribute towards a healthy lifestyle.

About C&C Alpha: C&C Alpha is a private equity firm in London founded by Bhanu Choudhrie in 2002. The group’s global presence in realty, hospitality, healthcare, and aviation sectors is well-established by the award-winning Ananda Spa in the Himalyas and Shanti Maurice in Mauritius, amongst others.


 Shanti Maurice: A Glowing Sanctum of Elegance

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